Meet the Team

Our team of young professionals comes from a diverse background but we all share a common passion—to serve others for the greater glory of God’s Kingdom.


Kelly Kao

Chief Executive Officer

See the Lord grew out of a daughter’s desire to live out her mother’s wishes. In 2010, Kelly Kao was inspired by a vision of her late mother encouraging her to combine the three things Kelly is most passionate about (healthcare, spreading God’s word, and education) into something she could share with others. Since then, the organization has grown from 3 members at its start in 2011 to 50 members and completed 29 mission trips by 2018.

As the CEO of STL, Kelly oversees and implements operations both internationally and domestically. She enjoys going out on the field for mission trips and also training other trip leaders. Her goal for STL is for its services to one day be accessible in any country by anyone at anytime, so that anyone who has not witnessed the unconditional love of God can see Him through our ministry.

Kelly holds a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with Honors from the University of California, Davis and a Doctor of Optometry with Honors from the University of California, Berkeley School of Optometry. Kelly is a past faculty member at the University of California, Berkeley School of Optometry. She is currently practicing in a private clinic in Mountain View, CA at STL Optometry (which stands for “See the Light” and is the offshoot of See the Lord). STL Optometry is a clinic dedicated to promoting goodness by sending doctors on missions, supporting companies that donate glasses to the underserved, and mentoring the next generation of eye care professionals.


Henry Shu

Chief Financial Officer

As an early member of See the Lord, Henry Shu helped with the initial work of establishing the non-profit organization. Now he serves as Chief Financial Officer and as a board member. Henry is a trained scientist who contributed to healthcare through basic research in the labs for many years. Inspired by Kelly’s tenacious faith in doing what God was calling her to do, he decided to join See The Lord. He considers it providential that, just as he returned from business school, he was able to use his MBA right away for something that makes people’s lives better while also spreading the faith. Outside of STL, he teaches Sunday school and is involved with high school youth ministry at San Jose Chinese Catholic Mission.

Henry holds a Bachelor of Arts in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of California, Berkeley and an MBA from The University of Texas at San Antonio. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and working in the yard, and he is currently training for his fifth marathon.


Erica Liao


Erica Liao is Secretary of See the Lord and also serves on the Board of Directors. She documents meeting minutes, interacts with new volunteers, and helps make decisions that guide the mission of the organization. From a young age, Erica has been heavily involved with Catholic ministry, serving as a lector and Bible study leader. It brings her great joy to be able to use her talents to serve God, which is why she loves volunteering for STL. She earned her Bachelor’s in Management Science at UCSD and is currently working on her Master's in Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University. Outside of schoolwork, Erica loves singing, playing guitar, basketball, and enjoying a good steak.


Jean Young

VP of Public Relations

Jean Young brings her strong corporate background and volunteerism to See The Lord as the VP of Public Relations and a board member. She loves that STL melds international service abroad with missionary work in the Catholic faith, and she enjoys being able to work with all the board members. Jean has worked in corporate finance for the past 12 years, and worked in campaign development for the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart in Los Angeles. She’s also volunteered with the Missionaries of Charity in Haiti and Peru. One of the most amazing experiences of her life was taking a year off in 2012 to travel the world; she got to see Pope Benedict five times, tour castles in France, and scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef.


Crystal Wang

VP of Recruitment

Crystal Wang leads the Recruitment Team, which reaches out to optometrists, pre-optometry clubs, optometry schools, and other health clubs at universities to encourage more volunteers to join See The Lord. Crystal went on the STL inaugural trip to Taiwan in 2012, and soon after jumped at the opportunity to become more involved as an officer. One of her most touching encounters happened on the Summer 2014 trip, when she met a mentally disabled young man who was almost completely blind due to a car accident. Though the team couldn’t provide help because the condition was irreversible, he was grateful for the medical care, and allowed Crystal and all the other optometry students to examine him. His mother thanked them with tears in her eyes.

Crystal graduated from the University of California Berkeley School of Optometry (UCBSO) and completed her Vision Rehabilitation residency at the University of Houston College of Optometry. She currently resides in the Bay Area working as an assistant clinical professor at UCBSO and providing vision rehabilitation/primary care services at STL Optometry. Her favorite activities include watching movies/musicals, exercising in the form of running/pilates/kickboxing, and praying in adoration. She dreams of someday owning a Poodle mix named Xiao Long Bau. 


Cindy Tran, MPH

VP of Education

As the See The Lord's VP of Public Health, Cindy develops the health education curriculum and materials, oversees the translations of these materials, and trains volunteers to deliver health education on mission trips. Cindy learned about STL after a providential run-in with some members after mass one day; they invited her to dinner and asked if she would like to help create health education materials. After seeing the commitment and work ethic of the team, Cindy decided to become even more involved with STL. Because of the organization blends the Catholic faith and health care, she is able to alleviate suffering through two things she loves.


Judy Chang

VP Human Resources

As See the Lord’s Vice President of Human Resources, Judy Chang assists with HR programs and policies, creates current volunteer processes, and develops recruiting activities, among other responsibilities. In July 2014, Judy went on a STL mission trip to an early development center in Kaohsiung. She describes it as the “most amazing experience,” as her interactions with the children there opened her eyes to the innocence and sincerity we often lose as we grow older. An adventurer at heart, Judy has been skydiving, scuba diving, and in 2014, she visited a new city or country almost every two months.


Patrick Wong

VP of Digital Media

As Vice President of Digital Media, Patrick manages a team of creative folks. His goal is to use photos, videos, and graphic design to help STL tell a deeper and more meaningful story. Patrick started taking pictures in high school when his Dad handed him an old SLR, and has been hooked ever since. He is a self-professed “gearhead,” and enjoys capturing landscapes and cityscapes. He joined STL at the end of 2014 because he wanted to share his passion for photography while giving back to the community. By day, he works in marketing, and enjoys traveling, eating, and of course photography in his free time.


Anhvu Nguyen

VP of Catechesis/Spiritual Outreach

Environmental Portraits, outside, posing, natural light, romantic, soft, dramatic,

Ritzi Lam

General Counsel

Ritzi Lam provides legal counsel to See The Lord. After witnessing Kelly’s commitment to improve people’s physical and spiritual lives, Ritzi was moved to join the organization. As a lifelong Catholic, Ritzi has been active in various Catholic ministries, including teaching catechism. Her current law practice includes estate planning, trust, and civil litigation.


Tiffany Khong

Optometric Services Director


Cathy Lan (藍文熙)

VP of Operations - Taiwan

Cathy Lan contributes to See The Lord from Taiwan. As the VP of Operations, she recruits and trains volunteers from Fu Jen University and organizes the Taiwan team to join mission trips with the American team. Cathy was inspired to join STL after witnessing Kelly’s enthusiasm for helping those in need and seeing her teacher Dean Yip’s attention to the disadvantaged. Cathy takes to heart the words of Matthew 25:40 and believes that by serving others, she serves God. In the past she has volunteered to teach disadvantaged children in Catholic ministry and joined a mission trip to help in Sichuan after the earthquake.

Cathy is a medical student in Fu Jen University and will graduate in summer 2016. She loves reading books, writing stories, and enjoying tea time with friends.


Andres Chen (陳柏翰)

VP of Communications - Taiwan


Melissa Cheng (鄭楷霈)

VP of Public Relations - Taiwan


Adelaide Lo


Adelaide is the Development and Operations Intern at STL.  She takes part in fundraising initiatives, report budgets, and develop campaigns.  She has volunteered overseas conducting education and community-related activities in Cambodia, Thailand, Mongolia, and Kenya.  She decided to join STL after learning about the organization from a Catholic TV and radio station.  Currently, she is studying her Master’s of Science in ‘Humanitarianism, Conflict and Development’ at the University of Bath, UK.  She enjoys hiking, canoeing and anything outdoorsy.  She is pursuing a career in the non-profit humanitarian field. 

official volunteers

John Bui  Communications & Event Chair
Wendy Dong  Catechetical Ministry Coordinator
Jerry Tai   Catechetical Ministry Coordinator
Rose Hoang  Optometric Operations Coordinator
Hien Nguyen, O.D.  Parish Outreach Coordinator
Pei-Yu (Margaret) Kao  Training & Development Coordinator
Tai Pang  Training and Development Coordinator
Tina Zeng  Training & Development Coordinator
Shawna Tran  Training & Development Coordinator
Quynh Tran  Optometric Training & Patient Safety Coordinator
Vivien Tse, O.D.  Optometrist Recruiter
Cindy Lam  Administrative Coordinator
Jessica Li  Public Relations Consultant
Christopher Mak  Accounting Manager
Doris Kung  Accounting Intern
Gary Kueh  Web Operations Specialist
Michelle Lee  Social Media Coordinator
Andrea Liao  Social Media Coordinator 
Jean Shu  Web & Graphic Designer
Annie Vu  Public Health Content Manager
Amy Rigby  Copywriter
Kelsey Schultz  President of Berkeley Student Chapter
Lyna Phan  Treasurer of Berkeley Student Chapter
Bonnie Ho  Operations Intern of Berkeley Student Chapter
Elizabeth Grove  Secretary of Berkeley Student Chapter
Shannon Louie Homeless Outreach Coordinator, Berkeley Student Chapter
Sophia Lam Social Media Coordinator, Berkeley Student Chapter
Stelamarie Flores  Translator
Erika Zúñiga  Spanish Translator
Edward Chen  Travel Advisor
Peter Huang (黃云韜)  Mission Trip Coordinator - Taiwan
Coco Huang (黃孟涵)  Mission Trip Coordinator - Taiwan
Vivian Huang (黃紫恩)  Mission Trip Coordinator - Taiwan
Nick Teng (鄧玄俊)  Mission Trip Coordinator - Taiwan
Tsai-Hsuan (Lisa) Sung (宋采軒)  Mission Trip Coordinator - Taiwan
Jui Ting (Jenny) Lin (林惠婷)  Mission Trip Coordinator - Taiwan
Joanna Hong (洪巧竹)  Mission Trip Coordinator - Taiwan
Crystal Chien (簡淳羽)  Mission Trip Coordinator - Taiwan
Yu-Chin Chang (張宇靖)  Mission Trip Coordinator - Taiwan

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